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DK’s drive and energy has pushed him and his company to become a worldwide entertainment brand,

26 years in the making...

1993 - 1997

US Marine Corps

1999 - 2003

DK establishes “Networks Casting Services”, which managed and booked over 400 extras daily and was one of the premier extras’ management companies in Los Angeles.

1998 - 1999

DK establishes “Combat Casting”, casting actual military, law enforcement, and firefighting personnel on TV and in Film. Combat Casting’s success spread

rapidly through the film industry.

2003 - 2005

DK sells Networks Casting Services and joins the ranks at one of Hollywood’s elite boutique extras casting companies, “Background Players” as Office Manager. 

Under his management, Background Players created a new commercial & music video division, while casting background actors for the following feature films:

2005 - 2017

DK opens “David Kang Casting” to focus on OCP’s (On Camera Principals) after meeting top music video director, Joseph Kahn, and continues to partner with him as well as grow his clientele to cast top artists

and products such as:


David splits his casting into two companies – “DK Casting”, which casts OCP for all media (feature films, TV, commercials, print and music videos) and “DK Extras”, where he partners with Martin Lippens to book SAG and Non-Union background for commercials, music videos and print.


David Kang Casting is one of the industry’s biggest music video and commercial casting companies, casting hundreds of music videos and commercials and working with over 60 directors and 40 producers. The music videos he has cast have over 50 billion views on YouTube alone and have won numerous MTV music awards.


Despite the demands of owning and running his businesses, David has found time to produce six feature films and two TV shows. He’s a member of the Producers Guild of America and is always looking for more opportunities to produce more projects.


David also is founder and chair of a 501(c)3 nonprofit “Project LACE” (Loving Abandoned 

Children Everywhere) dedicated to helping end poverty, loneliness, and neglect of children everywhere, inspired by his son. David and Project LACE have taken teams of medical personnel to Haiti, Cambodia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. Project LACE has brought more then $500,000.00 in medicine to these countries and treated over 4,000 patients.

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